Statison Therapeutic Ultrasound

The Statison V is a novel therapeutic medical devices designed to accelerate and improve the healing of injured animals. This device was developed specifically for the veterinary marketplace by Dr. Shields, our colleage at Winners Circle Ranch. The Statison V utilizes low-intensity ultrasound waves to dramatically stimulate and improve the healing process in a wide variety of injured tissues.

At Equine Medical Associates, we commonly utilize the Statison V to improve tendon and ligament healing in conjuction with PRP therapy (Statison can also be used as a stand-alone treatment). The low-intensity ultrasonic output allows for the stationary placement of the device over the injured area. Horses tolerate the daily 30 minute treatment very well because there is no heat generated or sensation felt during the Statison therapy. The ease of use and remarkable healing produced by the Statison V are unmatched by any external energy device in veterinary medicine.


Statison Brochure

Statison Explanation