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Dr.Cox and Dr.Reese attend Warner Springs Endurance Ride as Control Veterinarians

Last weekend Dr.Cox and Dr.Reese acted as control veterinarians at the Warner Springs Endurance Ride in East County San Diego. It is the responsibility of the control veterinarians to evaluate the horses as they come through the veterinary checkpoints. A brief physical exam and lameness exam are performed and an overall assessment is made, and it is determined whether or not the horse is fit to continue the race. Control veterinarians also treat medical conditions that come up during the race, such as cuts/abrasions, tying up, colic, and removal of cactus spines.  After finishing the race, horses are examined again to make sure they completed the race in good condition. At this particular race, there were 25 and 50 mile rides. Congratulations to all the finishers!

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